Reception at the Mill Valley Community Center


8 October 2006

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[11 October 2006]  sheesh moe... think you have enough stuff?! ~tricia
[11 October 2006]  Mary isn't one to "travel light" -- Beth
[12 October 2006]  hey moe, is that call for me? if it is, please tell take
a message. thanks!!~~stephanie
[13 October 2006]  Good to see you have rations. haha -Becca
[13 October 2006]  haha, that HOLLA bread was compliments of Emily! Thanks Em!
[19 October 2006]  Hahaha....can u say "Paris Hilton?" ;-D Lisa C.
[19 October 2006]  ...So I've got a lot of stuff!! I don't see what all the
hullaballoo is about! And my coach didn't think I was going
to get a workout in California... try carrying all those
bags!! :) mary
[29 October 2006]  Lisa, i love it!!! so true, so true,,,,, she and Paris do
seem to occasionally share the same blank expression :-)

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